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Still keep forgetting to post here. And to read. *sigh*

So have some pictures! I had a busy weekend 18/19th July, with Battle Proms on the Saturday and Folk by The Oak festival on the Sunday. Admittedly, I only went to FbtO for about 3 hours, most of which was spent snoozing happily in the glorious sunshine. However, thanks to cunning planning, I was able to get a spot at the front of the stage for Mary Chapin Carpenter's set, which was the whole reason I went :D

Pics behind a cut because there's lots of them!

Cannons Pre Firing

Cannons in the field pre-concert. This is a fraction of them, 200 are used for the concert!

There are always cavalry demos at these things. This rider and horse were meeting the crowd before hand.


The Spitfire flyover - yes, I bawled like a baby as usual :D

Cannons for 1812 Overture

First use of the cannons for the 1812 Overture.


Gorgeous, gorgeous fireworks for the finale, Beethoven's "Battle Symphony". Fantastic :D

Opening number

Opening number! MCC with the very talented guitarist, Jonathan Trebing.

MCC & her 2 bandmates

Now you can see the other band member on the left there, the superb Jon Carroll.

Penultimate song

As you can see I had a great view! After this song (the beautiful "Say It Was Only A Dream"), Bella Hardy (who's been the opening act for the tour) came out with her violin and accompanied MCC on a stunning version of "Why Walk When You Can Fly?". I'm kicking myself for not taking a pic but at the same time, I was too busy enjoying the song to think of it :) Shorter set than for her regular tour but it was great to have such a good view :D

I took Monday off work - there was epic napping :D
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Sweeeeeet :D

And awesome pics!

The cannons made me think of a thing doing the rounds on tumblr right now:

Someone:"Tchaikovsky, cannons are not instruments."
Tchaikovsky probably:"Yes they are and I'm going to use 21 of them."
Someone:"Tchaikovsky no."
Tchaikovsky:"Tchaikovsky yes."

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They must have flipped at the Battle Symphony, that uses 193 o_0
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Great photos! Jealous as anything of your FBtO experience, though -- if there's one thing I miss about Blighty, it's the folk festivals.

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I thought Sweden had oodles of festivals? Or are the folk parks a thing of the past?
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They have some further inland, definitely, though not so easy to get to from here. Also, Swedish folk tends to be more... well, Swedish. I miss traditional-English folk where everyone is either drunk or drowning. ;)

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Looks fantastic! One of these days I'm going to attend a Battle Proms concert.