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Yesterday I went back to the Wellington for lunch, to scout the place out. Verdict - lovely place to sit and have a pot of tea of an afternoon, but very pricey food-wise for what is largely pub grub, albeit very nice pub grub. I had whitebait to start and posh ham, egg and chips for main, both of which were good, but with coffee and a diet coke, the bill came to just under £20, which isn't cheap for a pub. Still, as I said, nice place to loaf and have afternoon tea :)

Today I went to the football where Stevenage managed to claw back for a 2-2 draw with Tranmere. We looked a bit ragged but our injury list meant that we didn't have any strikers available so there was an air of make-shift about the team. We didn't play particularly well so I was actually relieved we got out with a draw. The playoffs are still within reach but we need to start winning, not drawing.

Went to the kitchen earlier to cook pasta for tea, got the water on, it was nearly boiling and....I realised I was out of pasta. *facepalms* This is such an unusual event in my house that it never occurred to me to check if I had any! So there was an emergency store run where I discovered that apparently a Good Friday 2 hours before the store closes is a pretty good time to shop. The "OMG WE MUST SELL THIS NOW LEST YE DIIIEEE!" counter was stuffed to overflowing and I scored a tuna steak for 19p, some fresh mozzarella for the same, and several snack packs of apple slices and grapes for 25p each :D And I scored at the Hot Deli counter too, where I got 5 stout coated chicken thighs for 50p and 4 large pork sausages for 80p :) The mozzarella and a couple of the chicken thighs were lovely with the pasta I was eventually able to cook. *grins*
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It's not been a good day for sports watching. First my beloved England lost (LOST!) to Ireland in the Six Nations, being well thumped. *grumbles mightily* And then I turned over just in time to see Chelsea score against Spurs in the Capital One Cup. I probably should have stopped watching at that point but no, I had to persist until Chelsea got their second. THEN I turned off. Some days you should just accept that you're a jinx and back away :)

On the plus side, I feel much better today having got some decent sleep and finally stopped with the shivering. Harrumph.

And The Musketeers on Friday was pretty good. Some plot threads are starting to pay off, with the (ex) Captain Treville FINALLY agreeing to tell Porthos about his father, which is going to be the central point of next week's episode. Not before time, mind, they were in severe danger of stretching this out to the point it got tiresome. I'd like to check the historical accuracy of a doctor knowing to sterilise his instruments before surgery at this point in history, but I likes Lemay. I am wondering if they're setting up a romance between Constance and Lemay, given that Bonacieux pretty much cursed her and D'Artagnan :) And as a side note, reeeally glad they got rid of Bonacieux (which I'm probably mispelling but can't be arsed to look up) because he annoyed me intensely.

Rochefort appears to be galloping towards madness now, he's right on that edge. Marc Warren is playing him pretty well, stopping juuust short of over the top (just!) and keeping him interesting. In other news, if his leather trousers get any tighter, he's going to eligible for hazard pay :P

Looking forward to next week's episode!
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Stevenage 4 Southend 2

What a game!! *bounces* THAT'S the reason I go to 23 home games a season, and why I put up with being cold, wet, occasionally bored, angry and frustrated. Games like this make it all worth while!

We took the lead in the first half and played pretty well, but I thought Southend were always dangerous. Proved it in the second half where in the first 20 minutes they scored 2 goals to take the lead. I'm going to have to see the penalty they got again because I'm not convinced it was (I thought the ball was long out of play and it was more of a collision than a tackle but I didn't have a great view.) At that point, most of us were shaking our heads glumly and I don't think anyone thought we looked capable of clawing a goal back.

And then the boss made some substations, key amongst them bringing on our wonderkid, Ben Kennedy. This boy is going to be special, you read it here first! (Although EVERYONE is saying it, I'm not the first!) He signed his first professional contract only last week so to say he's young and inexperienced is an understatement. However when you're young and talented you know no fear and he doesn't give a monkey's, he just gets stuck in and terrifies defenders. He won a penalty about five minutes after he came on, which was calmly slotted home by our skipper to make the score 2-2. And then he scored a beauty to give us the lead and set up the 4th to seal the win! In between all that, he had to be hauled out of an argument with a 6'2" large central defender before he got booked. Full of beans this one! We loves him :)

Anyway, the entire ground was rocking and even though there was a sudden intense hailstorm as we left the ground, no-one cared :D

And even before I went to the game, I was a happy, squeaking football fan, as I got to see Leeds beat Middlesborough on TV! Woo hoo!

Damn, I love my football!
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Was looking forward to settling in to my Friday night treat of good looking men in tight leather (aka The Musketeers) only to discover that it wasn't on. There was pouting and I was about to post a rant when I double checked to see WHY it wasn't on. It had been pre-empted by, wait for it, football.


Given the lack of sympathy I've had over the years from people complaining about football ruining their schedules, I really am in no position to be throwing stones.

Darn it :)
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...because they never win when I do!

Millwall 1 Leeds 0 - it was a close game and then one of our players got sent off. I think he deserved it actually but I suspect I'm the only Leeds fan who does. Anyway, we held out until the 84th minute and then the Millwall bastards scored. Bah!!

I shall console myself by watching sport for the rest of the day and hope for better results ;) Fulham v. Sunderland first and then a hop across the pond to the NFL and Packers @ Lions followed by Colts @ Patriots. I'm hoping for some very good contests :)

Sundays - if you're a sports fantatic, they're just as religious :D
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Went to the football last night, it was Round 2 of the (formerly League) Capital One Cup. Stevenage got a home draw against Premier League Southampton. I didn't expect us to win and we didn't but I have to say the final score of Stevenage 1 Southampton 4 really didn't do us justice. In the first half they played their socks off and really took the game to Southampton. Then in the second half, they had a dozy five minutes and gave away a goal.

The second goal was a complete travesty - the ref ruled a miss-kick by Mark Roberts was a back pass and gave an indirect free kick to Southampton inside the penalty area. They took it so fast, Stevenage were in disarray and their striker had a free shot on goal. 2-0. That upset Stevenage so much that they gave away another goal 2 minutes later *facepalms* We got one consolation goal back but then they scored a 30 yard screamer that was so good, even us Stevenage fans applauded. Still don't think the scoreline was a fair reflection of the game. Ah well. No disgrace in losing to a team two divisions above you.

Next match is on Saturday and I'll get to use the next ticket in my shiny, shiny season ticket book :D

In other news, Rob T Furball is off to the vets tomorrow night for a check up on his thyroid meds. I have to say, I think we've got the balance right but I hope Zoe the Vet will take blood and make sure. He's currently not speaking to me, I mean he's having a truly remarkable strop. It's lasted 2 days now. It started when I was dozing in front of the computer and he tried one of his "stealth" flying leaps up for fuss and attention. He missed the sofa and landed on me. There was yelling and owing and he panicked, flung himself off the sofa and right into the computer case. Must have hurt, poor thing. No damage but he hasn't come near me since. So I figured I'd make the vet's appointment and truly earn his displeasure :p

Treated myself to "The Complete Series of Two Fat Ladies" box set which arrived yesterday. Oh it's fab, I do so miss that show. Although I can't watch it without getting hungry! Also been having a re-watch of the Joan Hickson Miss Marple series. Blissful. Really were some of the best adaptations of the series ever committed to TV. I think Julia McKenzie is doing a good job in the current production but the Hickson series were superbly cast, well written, with excellent direction. Just a joy to watch :)
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Glorious weather here today, perfect for watching football. It was the first League home game of the season at Stevenage today and I proudly tore out the first season ticket from my shiny season ticket book :D The game wasn't bad, finished 1-1, which was probably fair. Carlisle scored first, very late on, so a draw was good for us! We didn't look as crisp as we did last Tuesday, when we thumped AFC Wimbledon 3-1 in the League Cup match, but then they're a division below us. Carlisle were sterner stuff and it did show that we've still got an awful lot of work to do. Still, we didn't buckle, we fought back for the draw so there's hope. :)

And it was glorious to sit in the sun and bask happily!

Afterwards, after a brief pit stop to check the cricket and pick up my Kindle, I toddled over to The Stanborough and treated myself to a steak dinner. [ profile] jenni411 is entirely to blame for this, having mentioned earlier in the week she was watching a cookery show where they were doing steak with peppercorn sauce. She went out for steak last night :D Today I had the 10oz rump steak (medium rare) with the brandy and peppercorn sauce, chips (gods, they were HUGE!), mixed salad and coleslaw. And then happily grazed on the cheeseboard for dessert - the brie was particularly nice and the Stilton was delicious :D

SOOO full but as usual, I regret nothing, dammit!

Oh! And Leeds were on TV at lunchtime and I was able to watch most of the game before having to scamper off to Stevenage. We won, 1-0! Hurrah!
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England lose. Fuckers.

* literally - I broke my keyboard
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I am SO nervous about tonight's match. We could win it, we really could. Whether we'll actually believe that and play like we can, is another matter!

It's been a pretty good tournament though, there have been some cracking games. I can't see anyone beating Spain, however. They strolled through their game with France. It was all "Yeh, yeh, puny mortals, do your worst." They were just so relaxed about it all! If England can't win it, then I'd want Spain to win it, they've been class all the way through. That said, the Spain v. Portugal semi-final isn't a slam dunk, Portugal have been playing well too. THAT should be a cracking game.

I don't know what I'm going to do when the tournement finishes. I'll be bereft!!
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Deary me, that was the grimmest 1-0 win I've watched Stevenage play for a goodly while. The goal didn't come until the 92nd minute and, frankly, it was barely deserved. It was, to be fair, a peach of a cross and a great header (Yay Lawrie Wilson! My fave player!) but it came after 91 minutes of crap passes, long balls, miss-hits and so many headers at one point I thought I was watching a twisted version of volleyball. Bleh.

On the plus side, I sat in a different part of the stand tonight, at the north end of the West stand (usually I sit at the East). I think I've found where all the fans who Have Opinions and aren't afraid to share them sit :D I shall sit there again :D

Now I must thaw out with tea and fuss the cat, who is complaining of gross neglect, as usual.
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