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The Masters started today! My favourite golf tournament :) Sooo that's golf, football, golf, football, golf....guess my sporting viewing for the next 3 days is alllll sorted out :D
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Gosh, I do love a lazy Sunday, curled up on the sofa watching sports :) The cat loves it too, he spent ages curled up next to me this afternoon, getting oodles of fuss and attention. Cute.

So far, I've watched two soccer games and an American football game (the one being played in London - one of these years, I'll get to one of those games, dammit!) And now I'm going to have a nap, because I want to watch at least some of the baseball tonight, which won't start until midnight. At least with the daylight savings thing, we're only 4 hours ahead of EST, which helps a lot :) For a whole week, anyway :D
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Wow. I had an amazing day yesterday - every single team/person I wanted to win in a particular sport, did. *blinks* I don't think that's happened to me in a while, if ever! In fact, I've been on a losing streak for ages, particularly in the tennis but yesterday's Women's Singles Final was the closest to a sure thing I've ever seen and I wasn't wrong. Henin demolished Kuznetsova in straight sets, pretty much as everyone predicted.

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In other more serious news....The second Sweet Charity auction of the year is up and running from today. We've ALREADY raised £832 and it's only the first day. *blink blink* 206 fabulous people (I'm excluding myself) have signed up to offer goodies of a remarkable variety. Want a set of icons? A fic about your fave show/movie? Perhaps a beautiful poster or wallpaper for your PC? Cookies? Tarot readings? Writing advice? Code? Something knitted and awesome? You name it, people are offering it.

We are once again raising for RAINN, who were thrilled to have us back raising for them again. Can't think why, couldn't be the £5756.30 we raised last time around. Noooooooo....! :D Anyway, oh flist of mine, please go and take a look at the page and see if there's something you'd like to bid on. It's for a fantastic cause and it's lots of fun! The auction runs until September 22nd. Please go look! Thanks!
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So I stayed up until 4am to watch the Mets rout the Astros 11-3. Unfortunately, I was woken up by a violently upset stomach at 5.30am that kept me awake until 7am when I was sure I wouldn't need to scamper to the bathroom at high speed. *sighs* So my sleep patterns are well and truly screwed. But at least it WAS the weekend and I could snooze until 2pm :) And yes, I feel better now but now have conclusive proof that I cannot eat pizzas with spicy beef or pepperoni on them because they hate me and will get their revenge.

Seeing as my sleep patterns are fubar'd anyway, I'm going to stay up and watch the US Open's Women's Singles Final later on. It's been a good day for sport, so I'm confident my gal, Henin, will win :) Yesterday's semi-final, against Venus Williams, was one of the best tennis matches I've seen for many a year. I broke into spontaneous cheering and applause several times. Hee!

As for today, well England beat India to win the ODI series 4-3. Our rugby team beat the USA to win their first game in the Rugby World Cup. And the football team is currently spanking Israel 3-0 in our must win Euro Championships qualifier.

And in domestic news, my beloved Leeds Utd, hit with a 15 point penalty before the season started won their fifth straight game today to reach the grand points total of zero. I'm so proud of 'em. Two more wins would see us off the bottom of the table *beams*. And annoyingly, without the points penalty, we'd be top of the League One table right now. But never mind, these days with Leeds, I take the victories as we get 'em!

Right, off to watch the baseball. Go Mets! Ah luvs my weekends! *beams like a spotlamp*
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I had a good weekend, which started on Friday when I had a stroke of luck. Being the last week of the Easter holiday, most of the office was away so there was only going to be 5 of us in and I knew I'd have juuuust enough work to look busy but not be toooo busy :) Now if only a certain stirrer wasn't in too, it'd be perfect! Well when I got in Friday morning to find out ShitStirrer had taken the day off as flexi, well, my grin could have lit up the Black Hole of Calcutta :D Ahh it was great!

Saturday and Sunday were all about the sport and the TV. There was football with two FA Cup semi-finals, although neither game produced a surprising result. There was baseball, although the Sunday game was rained off, after the Eastern seaboard of the USA decided to recreate the conditions Noah had when he built the Ark. The Mets won one and lost one, not too bad. They've had a decent start to the season, despite some woeful pitching. I am worried that our batting is looking more fragile than it did last year, though. Hrm.

Leeds won a very important match on Saturday - there's still a chance we can avoid relegation. And now I'm not going to mention this again until the end of the season for fear of jinxing it. *bites nails*

When not watching sport, I was either watching SG:A, which has officially eaten my brain, silly stuff on the TV like Bear Gryll's survival programme, which is lots of fun, or I was re-reading Margaret Frazer's Joliffe series. Just for a change, I started with the most recent book first and I've worked my way backwards. I'm now on the first book, "A Play of Isaac". I really do think these are better than her Dame Frevisse mysteries, mostly because although I like the latter, I'm not a huge fan of the split PoV the latter offers. I want to be reading about the main protagonist all the time, not what's going on in someone else's head, but that's a personal twitchy thing, rather than a major criticism :) The next Joliffe comes out in August - augh! Must. Have. Patience!

Yesterday at work, I was supposed to give blood but for the second time running, I was thwarted. Last time it was cos I was too anaemic, this time it was because the doctor listened to my croaky voice and said that they wouldn't take blood while I was still clearly suffering from laryngitis. Bah! Anyway, the doctor lady did confirm my thoughts that if I still sound like a bullfrog with a sixty a day habit in a couple of weeks time, I really need to go back to the quacks. Joy.

Today was all about the archiving *shudders* However, the end is in sight. I've reclaimed my desk from the nine thousand or so folders that were on it and I have vast numbers of neatly labelled and organised archive boxes instead. I've got 14 more files to archive tomorrow and then it's just a case of getting the boxes up to the loft. I'd have finished the job this afternoon but it was so hot in our office that I decided enough was enough and that I wasn't going to give myself heatstroke just to do the damn thing. So I guzzled water and did battle with some NEG forms instead. Much more fun :) And it stopped me acquiring any more cardboard cuts from the boxes. Those things are vicious, I tells ya!

This evening was all about the unexpected nap I took for 3 hours. While sitting upright on the sofa. When I say my sofa is really comfy, I'm so not kidding! And I'm still sleepy so hopefully if I get to bed at midnight, I won't have screwed up my sleep patterns too badly. I was very tired so it won't have done me any harm. *yawns and curls up around book happily*
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Discovering a new webcomic is really bad for your productivity, both at work and at home. 4 years of archives! Hee! *coughs* I mean, oh dear...

I sent out 400 letters with forms to parents of nursery children last Thursday. Judging from the comments on some of the 60 or so I've had back and the 20 or so phone calls, there really is no such thing as an idiot proof form....

Work is a lot more fun with internet access and nobody else in the office...

[ profile] jenni411 and I may have been a tad optimistic about getting reasonably priced good seats for "Evita"....

I hate the New York Yankees...

...but not as much as I hate Man U and Chelsea...though it's awfully close.

It is good for humanity that my satellite box is now in full working order and I can watch live sports again. It was threatening to get messy....

I must stop starting good books late at night, else I don't get to sleep until 2am...

I really, really need an early night tonight (see above) - I just made some toast under the grill when I have a perfectly good toaster. It didn't even register until I left the kitchen.....
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